Frequently Asked Questions

Pickup & Delivery FAQS

What are my options for local pick up?

Stay tuned for more pickup locations coming soon! For now, are current pickup locations are the following:

  • Ryan’s House- Located in the Waters in Pike Road

    • 35 Chapel Hill Street, Pike Road, AL

  • Maveriq Fitness-Located in Millbrook

    • 2950 Cobbs Ford Road, Millbrook, AL

  • N shape fitness- Located off of Taylor Road

    • 7719 Averiett Drive, Montgomery, AL

  • Nikao Fitness- Located in Millbrook

    • 102 Penser Blvd, Millbrook, AL

  • Rebar Performance- Located in Pike Road, AL

    • 200 Emma Court, Pike Road, A

  • Life Spring Fitness at The Waters (LSF Members Only!)

    • 19 Bridge Street, Pike Road, AL

  • Guns Out Crossfit

    • 4351 Atlanta Highway, Montgomery, AL

  • Prattville Christian Academy

    • 322 Old Farm Lane, Prattville, AL 36066

  • Wynlakes Fitness Center - MEMBERS ONLY

How does delivery work?

Read more about this on the how it works page

How is frozen food transported?

  • Local Meals - Your meals are carefully packed in coolers and kept frozen during transport to your pick-up location. We recommend transferring your meals to the freezer (or refrigerator if you plan on eating them in the next 3 days) immediately.

  • Vertical Meals - Your meals are shipped in packaging equipped to withstand the duration of their commute to your residence :) Once received, please immediately place in the freezer or refrigerator.

Details on CFT Meals

Are all of the ingredients in my meals organic?

We seek out the very best ingredients here at CFT.  While a good portion of our ingredients are indeed organic, that still leaves some that aren’t. This simply has to do with availability from ingredient to ingredient.

Do you use preservatives?

Never. That’s the beauty of frozen meals! The freezer is the preservative. We also make it our priority to use ALL preservative-free ingredients.

Do you use sodium?

Yes. Not in excess, only what is needed for taste.

What are the portion sizes for CFT meals?

These numbers will vary from meal to meal, but this will give you an idea! For exact numbers, see our nutrition facts.

  • Protein - We try to get very close to 40g of protein, as this is the adequate dose needed for optimal Leucine content.

  • Carbohydrates - if you see higher carb numbers, these meals are meant for people that need that amount based on their caloric need. Everyone’s caloric need is different and id dependent upon many factors.

  • Fats - we believe heavily in animal proteins, so the fat in each meal will be derived from the meat of choice. These numbers will vary based on the type of meat you select.

Do you have breakfast, lunch and dinner options?

Here at Commit.Fuel.Train we tend to look at food as fuel. So, we believe that any meal wild for any time of day. But, if you must stick to traditional breakfast style meals, we have two breakfast types of meals available. BUT, Breakfast meals can also be eaten at dinner!

Where can I find nutritional details for my meals?

Each meal has the macronutrient breakdown listed on the package. You’ll also find them on our website.

What is the shelf life of a meal?

A huge upside to frozen meals is that they last a long time. Up to 3 months in a conventional freezer and up to a year in a deep freezer.

How often do you change your menu?

We are always developing new meals! Watch for new releases!

Can I make substitution/deletions to the ingredients in my meals?

Although we do list ALL ingredients that go into each and every meal. We cannot change our recipes to accommodate orders. We want every meal to be exactly the same! no deviations.

How do I reheat my CFT Meals?

From Frozen all meals will take about 5 minutes in the microwave

How consistent are your meals? Will my meals always taste the same?

Our recipes are specifically followed so our goal is to produce the same great meal with each batch. With that said, veggie taste can vary depending on the time of year. We always try to seek out the best product but, there still can be some flavor variations.

Troubleshooting & Miscellaneous

How long will my meals last in the refrigerator (not the freezer)?

There is some gray area here, so were gonna be safe. It’ll take two days for your meal to defrost in the fridge. I wouldn't let them sit for more than 2 days after that. So, 4 total days. Don't forget about them, you cant let your goodies go to waste.

Can I get a discount for ordering in bulk?

Yes! If you plan on ordering 20+ meals we will create a promo code for you based on the amount you plan to order. Just email us!

Is there a minimum purchase order?

Local Meals - Nope. But, if you keep your freezer stocked you’ll thank yourself later. You’ll have a much higher chance of reaching your desired health.

I need these meals in the break room at my business. Can we make that happen?

Yes. Contact me directly and we will set something up. This is a great opportunity to increase overall health and productivity in the workplace.

Do you offer active duty or first responder discounts?

Yes we do! Send us proof to and we will get you a 10% off promo code to use during checkout.